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Married to my best friend // Mother of 2 angels - Mia Clemencia & Mason Navarro // Paediatric Nutritionist // Born in the USA and living in Sydney Australia

October 2018

Safe Decisions


Safe Decisions I consider myself quite lucky to be the third born and “baby of the family”. This means that both my sister and brother had their children before I even started my family and they learned all the hard lessons raising their kids so I could just call on them for advice when [...]

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May 2018

My baby reacted to eggs! What do I do now?


A life without eggs? *gasp* Egg whites are the second most common allergen so a reaction is actually more normal than you think and the good news is that your baby will most likely out-grow this allergy / intolerance by the time they are 12 months old. There are four different proteins inside the [...]

My baby reacted to eggs! What do I do now?2018-11-28T15:19:12+10:00

Fruit Salad – yummy, yummy!


Fruit Salad - yummy, yummy! I’m American and even though I live in Australia, my kids don’t watch The Wiggles (I can hear all of my Australian friends *gasping* right now…).  Anyway, my point is that the “fruit salad - yummy yummy” song is from The Wiggles and with my lack of exposure to [...]

Fruit Salad – yummy, yummy!2018-06-27T17:03:32+10:00