August 2019

The Power of Positivity


Harness the Power of Positivity Approximately 1 in 5 people in Australia experience symptoms of mental illness, such a depression, throughout their lives.  It’s up to us as parents to shape our children’s mindset and to help them see the positive moments in each day. I watched this TED Talk by Shawn Achor over [...]

The Power of Positivity2019-08-10T20:39:12+10:00

May 2019

Nature’s Multivitamin


Nature's Multivitamin There was this commercial on TV when I was growing up that had this silly little jingle: "the incredible, edible egg". It was the kind of jingle that gets stuck in your head for hours. The commercial wasn't lying, the egg really is incredible. It's sometimes referred to as Nature's Multivitamin which [...]

Nature’s Multivitamin2022-06-12T11:06:39+10:00

October 2018

Safe Decisions


Safe Decisions I consider myself quite lucky to be the third born and “baby of the family”. This means that both my sister and brother had their children before I even started my family and they learned all the hard lessons raising their kids so I could just call on them for advice when [...]

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May 2018

My baby reacted to eggs! What do I do now?


A life without eggs? *gasp* Egg whites are the second most common allergen so a reaction is actually more normal than you think and the good news is that your baby will most likely out-grow this allergy / intolerance by the time they are 12 months old. There are four different proteins inside the [...]

My baby reacted to eggs! What do I do now?2020-03-11T20:35:38+10:00

Fruit Salad – yummy, yummy!


Fruit Salad - yummy, yummy! I’m American and even though I live in Australia, my kids don’t watch The Wiggles (I can hear all of my Australian friends *gasping* right now…).  Anyway, my point is that the “fruit salad - yummy yummy” song is from The Wiggles and with my lack of exposure to [...]

Fruit Salad – yummy, yummy!2018-06-27T17:03:32+10:00

November 2017

The “When —> Then” Principle


The “When —> Then” Principle Everyone wants a magic formula to get their child to do what they are told but we all know that is easier said than done. You might be trying to get everyone into the car and buckled in to get to soccer practice, you might be trying to get [...]

The “When —> Then” Principle2018-06-27T17:02:24+10:00

Summer Fun Fruits


Summer Fun Fruits I have just had a question from a rockstar Mumma in Hawaii about the best time to introduce watermelon. Since we are coming into summer here in Australia, I thought it made sense to explain the answer to everyone. I’ve seen watermelon, honeydew and rockmelon (what we call [...]

Summer Fun Fruits2018-06-27T17:02:36+10:00

October 2017

The Unsung Hero


The Unsung Hero Gelatin is all the rage these days with mugs of bone broth being served up alongside everyone’s morning coffee. Personally, I couldn’t be happier to see this wondrous drink featuring in people’s daily diet as gelatin is an unsung hero in my eyes. Gelatin is nearly void in our current diet [...]

The Unsung Hero2018-06-27T17:02:38+10:00

The Veggie Box


The Veggie Box People are always asking me what I did to make my 3 year old daughter like vegetables so much. Well, firstly, I followed the same timeline of solid food introduction that we teach in our Infant Nutrition Program so she was exposed to all of these foods from an early age. [...]

The Veggie Box2018-06-27T17:04:06+10:00
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