August 2020

Nut-Free Cookie Dough Bliss Balls


Nut-Free Cookie Dough Bliss Balls When Mia started school and needed a packed lunch every day, I went out in search of recipes that would suit her Planetbox lunchbox. I knew bliss balls would be an easy win but was surprised to see how many contained nut flour or peanuts - [...]

Nut-Free Cookie Dough Bliss Balls2020-08-30T21:25:49+10:00

November 2019

Polish Pierogies


Polish Pierogies I'm sure you have a few recipes that are considered "family traditions", passed down to the next generation around the holidays. Sometimes a recipe is written down on the back of an envelope but more often than not, there are no set quantities for the ingredients but rather everything [...]

Polish Pierogies2019-11-11T21:11:44+10:00

September 2019

Salsa Chicken


Salsa Chicken This is the $1 Million Grand Prize winner of the 1998 Pillsbury Bake-Off.  I wish I came up with a recipe that won me $1 million!  In any case, I think it's worth every penny.  This dish has so much flavour and will keep in the fridge for at [...]

Salsa Chicken2019-09-01T21:34:39+10:00

November 2017

Baked pumpkin sage risotto


Baked pumpkin sage risotto This recipe is adapted from Donna Hay's "No Time to Cook" cookbook. The original calls for pancetta and does not call for mushrooms but I don't do very well on salty things so I opted to remove the pancetta for that reason. With that said, [...]

Baked pumpkin sage risotto2018-11-28T15:19:20+10:00

Banana vanilla breakfast oat slice


Banana vanilla breakfast oat slice So many people ask me for breakfast recipes and I always tell them to eat leftovers from whatever they had for dinner the night before. This never goes down well because very few can imagine eating chicken or fish for breakfast. You should try it though – [...]

Banana vanilla breakfast oat slice2018-08-26T20:29:00+10:00

Oven roasted chicken


Oven roasted chicken We sing the praises of homemade bone broth but very few people know how to roast a chicken so they can get the bones to make the broth. It’s actually the easiest thing to do but you need to have 10 minutes to prep and 2 hours [...]

Oven roasted chicken2017-12-14T21:19:46+10:00

October 2017

Coconut chia seed pudding


Coconut chia seed pudding I'm low on fat intake today... ...Said no one, EVER! But just in case you are a bit low on fats, I want to share this AMAZING and EASY coconut milk chia seed option! This recipe takes about 4 minutes to prep (it actually takes [...]

Coconut chia seed pudding2017-12-14T21:26:08+10:00

Chicken and avocado salad


Chicken avocado salad Easy, fresh & delicious! We are all a bit time poor and constantly in need of something “on the go”. Just because you don’t have time to sit down and eat between meetings doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice flavour and deliciousness! This Chicken Avocado Salad recipe will [...]

Chicken and avocado salad2018-11-28T15:19:20+10:00

Sweet potato hash


Sweet potato hash This is such a yummy breakfast and is filled with all things AMAZING. The recipe should take you about 15 minutes to prep (chop!) and about 20 minutes to cook on the stovetop. I suggest serving it with poached eggs or eggs sunny side up! You [...]

Sweet potato hash2017-12-14T21:27:31+10:00

July 2017

Quick Energy Oat Jars


Quick Energy Oat Jars These Oat Jars are easy to make, can be made in bulk in advance and are very portable! We bought these mason jars in a 9 pack from Kmart. You can exercise a bit of creativity with this as well because you can add just about anything to this [...]

Quick Energy Oat Jars2018-08-26T20:36:04+10:00
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