infant nutrition

infant nutrition

infant nutrition

Being a parent of an infant is hard. Every time you think you’ve found your groove and routine, that sweet baby changes again! Your little one is now 5-6 months old and you’re ready to start solids. Your GP says to go for rice cereal but you know there isn’t as much nutritional value in that as there is in avocado, banana or sweet potato. Let us give you another option when introducing first solid foods. We propose going back to the way babies were fed in our parents’ and grandparents’ time. Let us guide you on this journey of food introduction the traditional way. Let’s be honest, you have no time to sit down and read a book – we’ll do the thinking for you and together, we will get your baby eating to thrive!

The Infant Nutrition Project is a resource including the following:

  • Advice and education on food introductions to ensure you are starting the right foods at the right time in the right method for your baby’s digestive maturity
  • Suggested feeding schedules and portion sizes for each month
  • Education in line with current guidelines on common allergens, when and how to introduce and what reactions to look for in your baby
  • Information on the current research in relation to health promoters like probiotics
  • Step by step photos and videos for food preparation, serving suggestions and storage options
  • Milestone month blocks with weekly recipes to help you plan your grocery list and helpful tips on selecting good sources of nutrition

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals but our goal is to provide you with exactly that when it comes to food introduction.

Want a sneak peek at the 24 week introduction timeline? Download our roadmap and pin it up on your refrigerator so you can get excited about what you’ll be making next week! This PDF is designed to support the Infant Nutrition Program which can be purchased above.

It’s only natural to have questions when you are starting something new. Check out our FAQ page for the most common questions and our answers. If you don’t see your question listed, go to our Facebook page and ask us there.

Please note this is an education tool. The information provided in this program is not intended to replace the advice of your GP or paediatrician. You should always speak with your health care provider or paediatrician before starting a new program.