Nature’s Multivitamin

There was this commercial on TV when I was growing up that had this silly little jingle: “the incredible, edible egg”. It was the kind of jingle that gets stuck in your head for hours. The commercial wasn’t lying, the egg really is incredible. It’s sometimes referred to as Nature’s Multivitamin which is a pretty powerful title to hold.

The nutritional information related to the egg is vast. Let’s break it down:

PROTEIN: They contain all the essential amino acids (in the right ratios!) making them a perfect protein source.

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: Eggs contain a blend of omegas that help with physical brain and cognitive development.

VITAMIN A & CAROTENOIDS: These are vital for macular (think: eye) health and visual development.

VITAMIN E: This one is a powerful antioxidant and good to have while your bubba is still developing new tissue.

VITAMIN B12: This one is needed for brain and nervous system development so you don’t want to be low on B12!

VITAMIN D: You can easily get Vitamin D from the sun but that can be tough when you’re 6 months old and have very new skin! Eggs are one of the few sources of natural Vitamin D from food meaning it’s in the best form to be absorbed into the body.

IRON: This is so important at the 6-month mark. The iron stores you gave your baby in utero are depleted by month 6 so their tiny body will be looking to solid foods to maintain iron stores. Iron is a “must-have” for proper development.

CHOLINE: This is a bit harder to find in nature. Egg yolks and beef liver are high in choline. It promotes liver function (clears fat from the liver), brain development, muscle movement and nerve function.

Given the nutritional information above, the egg is touted as one of the healthiest foods you can eat so it seems fitting to start babies on the yolk from the very beginning. In my Infant Nutrition Program, we recommend introducing soft boiled egg yolks as baby’s first food. This usually gets a few reactions and comments:

  1. “That just sounds weird.” Fair, I agree. I thought it was a strange first food too but the more research I did, I realised it was the perfect combination of iron, vitamin D, vitamin A, cholesterol, choline and so much more. Everything my baby needed at 6 months old and in the perfect ratio. Thanks, Mother Nature!
  2. “Raw eggs? That sounds dangerous.” To be clear, I’m not suggesting raw eggs. I agree – that could be dangerous! Soft boiled are kind of like “over easy” or “sunny side up”. They are cooked enough to make them safe but not so much to denature the delicate enzymes located in the yolk. If you are worried about Salmonella, then just take good care of your eggs. Don’t leave them in your hot car for hours after you do the grocery shopping. Bring them home and pop them straight into the fridge. If you want to play it safe and cook your egg a minute or two longer, go for it! You are the parent so you get to decide everything. I’m just here to offer education.
  3. “Why not rice cereal?” I like to keep my posts above the line so I don’t want to get too negative here but rice cereal offers limited nutritional value and it takes up valuable room in tiny tummies that should be filled with milk/formula and nutrient-dense foods (like eggs!).
  4. “Is it hard to prepare?” No, it only takes a few minutes! I guide you step by step with both photos and videos in my Infant Nutrition Program. You’re a mum…you’ll figure it out quickly like you’ve had to figure everything else out since this tiny human entered the world!
  5. “Why not the whole egg?” I recommend introducing the whole egg around 8 months old. I want you to get some wins on the board early with starting solids and there are 4 proteins inside the egg white that can cause a reaction. In most cases, if your baby does react, they will grow out of the allergy/intolerance. You can read more here on what to do/expect if your baby does react to egg whites when you test them out.

What I love most about the feedback I get from parents on my program in the first week is (1) how easy it is to make an egg yolk and (2) they can’t believe how quickly their little one gobbled it up! It feels so good to give your baby the best start on solid foods.

My goal is to arm you with knowledge and education so you can make an informed decision in the best interest of your baby. You are the parent so you know best. There are so many tough and complicated decisions when raising a child, food doesn’t have to be difficult! It takes a village to raise a baby – I’m happy to be in your village.