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Imagine having clear evidence-based advice in your pocket, providing weekly guidance on what to feed your baby from 6 months to their first birthday!

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3. The Nourish Phase


Weekly Expert Guidance


Evidence-Based and Nutrient Packed


Step-by-Step Easy Recipes


What you need to know,

when you need to know it

As parents, we understand how confusing it can be to know which foods to give your growing baby, and when to introduce them.

Our team of Paediatric Nutritionists and Naturopaths have developed a weekly evidence-based digital program to guide you through the first six months of feeding. Including:

  • Lifetime access to 6 step by step stages
  • Weekly evidence-based guidance
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Guidelines to introduce known allergens
  • A framework to encourage your baby’s flourishing microbiome
  • Free access to the NP Village for your first month where you can gain expert
  • knowledge from our team.

Based on scientific evidence and your baby’s gastrointestinal developmental stages, we take the guesswork out of infant nutrition.

Nourish your baby to thrive and choose nutritious foods from cot to kindy and beyond!

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You’ll be learning about…

  • The best nutrient dense foods for your baby for each milestone
  • How to prepare over 80 different foods for your infant to enjoy
  • Key vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal growth
  • Clear guidance on introducing more than 10 known allergens
  • Your baby’s microbiome – what it is and how to nourish it for development
    ….and more!
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leraning about

Simple, straightforward guidance

Based on scientific evidence and international guidelines


Feeding schedule based on your baby’s milestones

Learn when and how to introduce known allergens

Meet & feed your baby’s flourishing microbiome


On-the-go nutrition

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“What our families say”


“The Nutrition Project’s Infant Nutrition Program was exactly what I was looking for when I was starting my son on solids. He was 8 months old at the time and I really wasn’t confident I was giving him everything he needed to thrive. This program is so easy to follow, gives you the what, why and how and gave me confidence within myself that my son was getting the right things. He now is an amazing eater and I constantly get comments on how well he eats. Best of all, I know I have done the right thing to set him up for healthy eating habits which is so important to me! Thank you Michelle!”

– Sapna

Sydney, Australia


“I highly recommend The Nutrition Project’s Infant Nutrition Program, especially if you are a first time mom and don’t know where to start like me. Michelle gives you what you need, week by week with detailed ingredients and recipes on what foods to introduce your little one to during that particular week, based on their age and digestive system. Today, my daughter is 1 year old and eats pretty much anything! She is so healthy and I couldn’t have done it without this program!

Ariel loves kale and spinach! ”

– Alysha

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

“After a false start with introducing solids at four months that caused all sorts of tummy aches for Miss M, we returned solely to breastfeeding until she was six months. By then we knew she was ready for solids and we had the good fortune to meet Michelle Fernandez of The Nutrition Project. Michelle guided our re-introduction of solids with healthy, gut-development and age-appropriate goodness, and Miss M has been absolutely thriving every day since! We love receiving everything we need to know for meal prep. Michelle makes it so simple, delicious for bub, really, really easy and wholly GOOD. The entire family is now benefitting! ”

– Kim

Sydney, Australia


“I love this program! I’m so happy that I don’t have to think about or research what to my feed my baby to give him the best start in life. Each week I follow the simple instructions and I have one happy thriving baby. Thank you, Nutrition Project!”

– Sarah

Newcastle, Australia

“The Nutrition Project is such a fabulous resource – it’s informative and makes me feel confident and supported in the choices we are making to introduce food to our baby. Wish I had known about it for my first child! ”

– Aja

Sydney, Australia

“I can’t recommend The Nutrition Project highly enough! The Infant Nutrition Program is informative and easy to follow and Michelle is very knowledgeable, warm and encouraging! Following her advice gave me confidence that I was introducing the ideal nutrient dense food options my bub needed! Thank you!”

– Chloe

Sydney, Australia

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